Ye Hongxing

Having partnered with luxury shoe designer Christian Louboutin with pop-up exhibitions in both Miami and Hong Kong coinciding with Art Basel in the last year, Hongxingʼs profile and reputation had soared as one of Chinaʼs most relevant and successful contemporary artists. In a specially designed gallery, located inside the Louboutin boutiques, Ye unveiled The Dazzling Future, colourful installations in both cities. Following her successful debut in the London in 2012, her next show at Scream this October will continue to reflect China’s changing landscape and economic growth combined with the influence of Western culture’s motifs and influences.

Hongxing’s work breathes life into her fictional landscapes, which are filled with fantastical characters and evoke a dazzling kaleidoscopic world, bringing motifs of contemporary life into art. Using stickers and decorative embellishments such as sequins and glass beads collected from the retail and haberdashery outfits, the work – as in life and culture – reflects a state of constant change and flux.