Ultimate Angels

​Photographer Byron Newman and painter Aphrodite Papadatou announce their interpretations of transgender communities in 1980s Paris and present-day London. Before the word ‘transgender’, had been invented, photographer Byron Newman was recording a subculture of prostitution, hard drugs and silicone implants. It was 1981 and Newman was living in Paris. This was the frontline of gender non-conformity. In London, four decades later, punk painter, Aphrodite Papadatou, started to paint subjects who identified themselves as transgender. Rebellion runs in her blood. As the daughter of an anarchist artist and a political journalist, Papadatou fuels her rebellion through her expressive portraitures, by placing the raw social and sexual identities of her subjects as the focal points of her artwork. As history and socio-economic circumstances set Newman and Papadatou’s work within its own context, the creative tension sparked functions as a barometer of the era in which the respective work was created.