Silver Island Yoga

​Now a secluded yoga getaway owned by two sisters, this magical coastal haven was a once glitzy private island that was rented out to wealthy jetsetters and actors who would arrive by private yacht or helicopter. Fast-forward from the Onassis-era glamour to the financial challenges of present day Greece, South African / Greek sisters, Lissa and Claire Christie inherited the island from their father who passed away. Inspiration, faith and considerable graft were vital in resurrecting the  hideaway that has been a part of their family for 50 years.

Now Silver Island has been transformed it is a holistic adventure and feng shui for the body, mind and soul served on a secluded private haven of natural beauty. Guests rise at dawn for two hours of morning yoga among olive trees with ocean views and receive an additional two hours of tuition at dusk. . Thanks to the yoga combined with revitalising beach break, detoxifying meals and the enforced sabbatical from the stressful factors of everyday life, all visitors will depart fully purged, bad habits replaced by inner harmony.