Silent Conditions

​Sverre Bjertnæs made his mark as a young figurative painter and has been a celebrated star of Norway’s art scene for over a decade. Bjertnæs frequently works in portraiture, although in the last five years, has incorporated sculpture, furniture, film and theatrical productions into his shows. Bjertnæs’ exhibitions have morphed into immersive sensory narratives, ’gesamtkunstwerks’ – where the artworks connect as a whole to deliver their message, with Beers gallery serving as a multi-sensory canvas, with walls painted different colours. This curated style of exhibition - rooms brimming to the edge with paintings, drawings, films and wooden furniture and sculpture- has become Bjertnæs' trademark. As such, ‘Silent Conditions’ functioned as a Wunderkammer-like collection of works in wildly differing forms - the product of collaborations between other artists and himself.