Robi Walters

​​One of the UK’s leading emerging artists, Robi Walters opens his own gallery in Soho. The space will be dedicated to his own exuberant mixed media collage pieces made from recycled materials, and will also host group shows and events. Functioning as energetic experiences as well as decorative artworks, his hypnotic, intricate pieces are pressed petal-by-petal in what itself is a meditative practice. Referencing the foundationsof sacred geometry, they are made from humble materials; discarded club flyers, cardboard and old vinyl. From throwaway materials, Robi’s assemblages are sympathetically reimagined to create art that is beautiful and relevant to everyday life. The process is deeply spiritual, driven by an overriding aim to stimulate the viewer's imagination and sense of connection as well as his own. Constructing mixed media pieces with recycled materials creating energetic explosions of colours, where most of us see rubbish, Robi sees beauty and value. This is the coherent through line to Robi’s work, as well as an overriding ambition to see just how far he and his art can go.