​Interior design consultancy Matrushka was established in 2009 by Joanna Berryman and quickly won recognition for interiors that marry premium gloss with bold, decorative gestures. A former fashion stylist, Joanna has applied the same styling principals of ‘pulling together a look’ to all of her interior design projects. Fashion-foward meets rock 'n' roll, meddled with English eccentricity places a Matrushka space on the threshold between art, fashion and functionality. 

Fans of Matrushka’s ‘poetic chaos’, can now purchase their personality-driven, quirky design pieces and soft furnishings from their now online boutique which showcases up- scaled furnishings, artworks and a new homeware range. Furniture and pieces collected from Jo’s travels around the globe have been upcycled into unique, original pieces that are re-fashioned into more contemporary versions of their former glory. Bespoke items include, luxe  newsagent-style Slopen Shelving designed specifically as a unique way of displaying coffee table books. Additional items include a new cushion range made from British heritage linen and home fragrance candle range.