La Maison Hédonique

​Fascinated by how different smells could transport her to different worlds – the smell of her father’s workshop, his new car, the flowers in her mother’s garden – Lucy Akhurst has long catalogued the scents in her life, viewing them as the essential elements in her own personal time machine. She founded niche perfume brand La Maison Hedonique when she couldn’t find the perfume of her dreams. Lucy went to all the major fragrance houses who offered bespoke, but faced with the price tags, she decided to make her own. She didn’t stop there, she made one for her husband, then friends commissioned her to create something specifically for them. She soon realised that she had something other than a lifelong passion for scent; she had talent. She decided to create a collection, each one riff on mystery and seduction taking the wearer to a romantic encounter in Paris, a chance meeting with a stranger on the Côte d’Azur, to a crackling fireside at a gentleman’s club when you should be in bed, or a midnight walk in the otherworldly, enchanted ruins of an Italian garden. In addition to her Maison Hédonique capsule collection, she offers a bespoke service, which she has made for a some very well known clients. The perfumes are as unique, powerful and haunting as the storytelling narratives that underpin them.