The Gold Rush

​Through photography — talking to his subjects, learning about their rise to fame — David Ellis became aware of a common link connecting many of these Olympic stars. So many seemed to be unlikely heroes who had overcome the odds to become world champions. Usain Bolt was a lanky 6ft 5 Jamaican boy born with a curved spine who became the fastest living man in history. Chris Froome, the Kenyan-born cyclist who was born with a debilitating illness, has won a third victory at the 2016 Tour De France - and the bronze medal at Olympics in Rio. Laura Trott, a young asthmatic girl born prematurely with a collapsed lung, became a double gold winning world champion, including winning the gold media in 2016 in Rio. Devonshire lad Tom Daley, victimised by bullies at school, went on to become Britain’s first individual diving medalist for over 50 years. Not to mention the much-loved national treasure Mo Farah, another straight-Gold hero whose fairytale rise started on the desperate streets of war-torn Somalia. Ellis wanted to celebrate these subjects in a show that tied-in with the 2016 Summer Olympics, because he felt that we could all learn from the great achievements of these superheroes.