Book of Igor

​The first image William Baker noticed of the model Igor Stepanov was of Igor in his worn, baggy Calvin Klein underpants. ‘I just loved him instantly,’ says William. Over the 18 months they subsequently spent together making Book of Igor, William turned 40 and Igor 20. William Baker is a stylist, photographer and creative director best known for his indelible professional relationship with the proletariat pop princess, Kylie Minogue. Artist and subject, voyeur and muse, Baker’s Death in Venice moment was incumbent upon him. He wanted to shoot something different from fashion and pop music. The journey began in Ilford at Igor’s home, then moved through Los Angeles, London, New York, Fire Island. All the while, Baker caught Igor lovingly and intimately in his frame; eating, bathing, robing and disrobing, at work and play, with family and friends. Something emerged that began to tell William often uncomfortable truths about object and subject, about perhaps even the fundaments of attraction and ambition. Book of Igor is a work of processing emotions, documented in real time, with unflinching subtexts. Outside of his work with Kylie Minogue, it is William’s longest and most enduring project.