Frieze Pop-up

​Beth Cullen-Kerridge was working her way steadily through the art world, assisting Sir Anthony Caro when she met the man who would become her husband, Tom Kerridge. Both of them had big dreams, his was to open a pub capable of gaining a Michelin star. Together they dreamed-up a plan to open a pub, believing they could fast track to Michelin stardom, so Beth put her sculpture career on hold to focus on Kerridge’s pub, The Hand and Flowers restaurant in Marlow, Berkshire. Unable to secure funding from investors and bankers, Beth sold four sculptures which enabled them to open the pub.T hey opened the Hand and Flowers which won two stars but the path to success wasn’t without its pitfalls. Now that husband Tom Kerridge has three Michelin stars, Beth’s career is back on track. Since giving birth to their son Acey in 2015, she’s had a solo show, created a Dhow sail sculpture for the Dubai Opera House, for which she has been nominated for for a Global Art award.  Now that she and Tom are partners in two restaurants, Beth has returned to her art and has revisited the subject of male power and dominance as her subject matter in her work.