Antony Micallef

​This February Lazarides gallery will present Antony Micallef’s new solo show, entitled Self. Those familiar with his work, which has been described as ‘Bacon in Disneyland’, will see a shift towards more personal subject matter.  Instead of paintings depicting colorful pop sensibilities - where animals and human figures merge in abstract charcoal or brushstrokes - he will unveil a series of energetic self-portraits.  He explains, ‘The selfie is ultimate narcissistic action - a disposable snapshot of ones ego. These painting are the ultimate 21st century selfies.  I chose the self-portrait medium to go back to basics, to look at where I came from as a working class person who managed to find a success in this industry and question whether I am a pop artist? It’s a question I might not have the answer for but one that I wanted to explore, just through paint.’