Wildcat Will

​New gallery Beautiful Crime will present Wildcat Will's show which will take place  this July. The former musician has created pieces which are charged by the libertine spirit of the Follies-Bergère, the demimonde who existed glamorously on the fringes of society. Wildcat Will's (real name, William Blanchard) art explores contemporary urban life by considering his personal reaction to what is going on around him. Claiming that the Belle Epoque period was the rock ‘n’ roll of its time, Blanchard  wanted to produce work that had a correlation to the kind of duality that he had experienced touring with Death in Vegas, Beth Orton and Shakespeare's Sister. As a non-conformist artist, his signature has become a meddling of images and assemblages. Combining surrealism with pop culture, Blanchard’s nudes are suspended in canvases adorned with butterflies, a recurring motif that appears in Blanchard’s work.